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Francesco Abbate

Francesco is the CEO and Managing Director of Swiss Crypto Advisors and oversees  the companyʼs global activities. Francescoʼs interest in blockchain and crypto  began in 2011 as an early Bitcoin scholar. He is an entrepreneur, investor, trainer, and advisor in the area of blockchain-based companies and digital assets.

He founded in 2017, a cryptocurrencies-democratization platform, to allow people to join this unique opportunity and make wise and better-informed decisions. In 2018, he founded Swiss Crypto to advise selected hedge funds and start-ups to develop a blockchain-based competitive advantage. Francescoʼs professional experience includes an extensive management background, with 14 years’ experience in finance at Procter & Gamble. His other roles include “head of corporate finance” for Italy, “head of product supply finance” for a regional business unit, “head of operations finance” for Southern Europe, and “global finance and strategy director” for a $10B turnover business unit, where he focused on upstream innovation and future sources of growth and business initiative design. Francesco lives in Geneva and graduated magna cum laude from Luiss Guido Carli University with a degree in economics.
Dimitri Brunwasser

Dimitri is the director of Lemanik Asset Management, a leading company in  investment fund management with more than €30B and 250 funds under management. Dimitri has worked  with Lemanik since 2013, and he has acted as client relationship manager and director, consolidating his extensive experience  in the Luxembourg fund environment.

Dimitri is also a board member of major companies and investment funds such as Tyndaris Investments, China Southern Dragon Dynamics Fund (CSOP) and KIM Investment Funds. His professional experience includes 14 years at State Street Bank where he managed Luxembourg funds structuring in the real estate, private equity and hedge fund areas. Dimitri also managed and coordinated procedures in operations, legal, risk management, compliance, and finance. Dimitri started his career in Master Complexity where he worked for 7 years in the transfer agency sector. He lives in France and graduated from University of Metz.
Omar Ulrich

Omar is a founding partner of Swiss Crypto Advisors and in charge of the company’s investment strategy and development. With his extensive financial experience, Omar started investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in 2013 to become an open supporter of blockchain technology.

Omarʼs professional experience consists of 18+ years in financial markets, including trading and program trading. He also worked to implement and develop various financial companies. Omar is also CEO of Castle Harbour Securities Limited and Director of Next Generation Fund Ltd. Omar lives between Geneva, London, and Nassau, and graduated from the University of Fribourg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences with a master’s degree in business administration.
Christophe Morvan
Banking, financial services

Christophe is a senior financial and strategic development adviser with over 20 years professional experience working within top tier multinational, financial, and FMCG corporations.

Christophe has worked over 12 years in private banking, advising clients and family corporations in managing their wealth for Credit Suisse, UBS, and Société Générale. Prior to that, he worked 10 years in strategic business development and international marketing roles for Unilever and British American Tobacco in international and domestic markets. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade and Development from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a post-graduate diploma in Wealth Management from the IFGP. He holds professional wealth management certifications from both UBS and Credit Suisse.
Andri Rabetanety
Real estate, finance

Andri is Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance  & Private Equity at Glion Higher Education.

His area of expertise is Real Estate Finance and financial modelling that he lectured at University of Cambridge, Luxembourg School of Business, Université Libre de Bruxelles and investment companies via Bayfield Training. His expertise is built on extensive experience in buy-side private equity real estate and fund management in Paris & Luxembourg, academic research conducted on the performance of private equity real estate funds, as well as corporate finance at Procter & Gamble and Amazon. Andri graduated in 2006 with a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from ENSIMAG and in 2013 with a MSc in Real Estate Management from ESSEC Business School
Antonio Lorenzon

Antonio has a wide-ranging background  in marketing, strategy, and international  operations.

He has worked with multinational companies (P&G, Kelloggʼs) and he has startup experiences (Jools, Beaconforce) as a board member and senior executive roles. He started advising and consulting on marketing and strategy matters for companies having a blockchain-based business model in 2018, across multiple industries (luxury, sport, finance). Antonio successfully earned a Ph.D in marketing between MIT SLOAN School of Management in Boston (USA) and IULM University in Milan (Italy).
Pierandrea Quarta

Pierandrea has a consolidated international  track record working in multinationals  (Procter&Gamble, LʼOréal, Bacardi) in marketing management positions, and  has regularly been advising start-ups.

Pier led digital transformation projects at P&G, and led the digital strategy of global brands, developing a strong expertise in digital marketing. He is also a big advocate of environmental sustainability, developing and launching the first recyclable product made of plastic collected in the sea. Considered to be an expert in these two fields, he is regularly invited as a speaker at international conferences to share his point of view
Ludovic Saxon
Blockchain development

Ludovic Saxon is a Managing Partner of Alpine Tech, a Swiss-based company active in blockchain solution development, artificial intelligence, and blockchain security infrastructure implementation.

Ludovic studied for a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance in an Irish business school and, along with that, put into practise his entrepreneurial experience by setting up companies specialised in hardware and phone accessories supply. Following that, Ludovic co-founded Alpine Tech in Switzerland. From his years abroad, Ludovic accumulated fluency in several language, and has strong management and business development expertise.
Frédéric Juillard

Frederic is a Managing Partner at Alpine Tech, a Swiss based company active in blockchain solution development, artificial intelligence, and blockchain security infrastructure implementation.

Frederic built his first waste-to-energy prototypes soon after graduation and founded TreaTech in 2015, an EPFL Cleantech spin-off. Since then, he diversified his activities and co-founded Alpine Tech, as well as 3 other startups in blockchain and artificial intelligence field. He became an investor and an entrepreneurial advisor for early-stage startups. Frederic completed a Master degree in Life Sciences at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) with a Bioengineering specialization at UC Berkeley.
Fabien Aepli
Legal / Regulatory

Fabien is the Managing Partner at Mangeat Law  Firm in Geneva. His main areas of practice  include banking & finance, commercial contracts, and corporate law.

Fabien has been working on blockchain and crypto projects from legal and regulatory perspectives since 2016 and has more than 15 years of experience in business law firms, including management for international groups, and directors boards. Aside from his law degree (Universities of Fribourg and Zurich) and being admitted to the Geneva bar, Fabien holds a Master of European and International Business Law from the University of St.Gallen (M.B.L.-HSG), a LL.M. in International Trade Law from the University Institute of European Studies of Turin and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Financial Regulation from the Universities of Geneva and Bern.
Orest Gavrylyak
Legal / Regulatory

Orest has been working in the legal blockchain  space since 2016 and part of the elite team who  drafted the report on legal regulation of bitcoin  businesses worldwide.

Orestʼs professional mastery encompasses full managament of ICOs, STOs, digital assets exchanges, financial markets, AML/KYC compliance, as well as client representation in securities law matters and corporate transactions related to digital assets and blockchain. Orest lives everywhere without a permanent base, graduated from Radboud University with a degree in Business Law and with a specialization in Internet Law from the University of Geneva.
Francesco Ivaldi
Risk Management

Francesco is a senior banking professional with more than 20 years of experience, primarily spent across Credit & Portfolio Risk Management, and finance and business management.

He spent his entire career between two recognized global players in the financial market, such as Citi and J.P. Morgan where he last acted as Executive Director of Asset Management. He lives in Geneva after having lived in Milan and London and he owns a Master Degree in economics at Bocconi University in Milan along with specialization in credit derivatives. He is also senior lecturer of Credit and Portfolio Risk Management at the same university.
Bruno Angella

Bruno leads operations at Swiss Crypto Advisors and is currently an undergraduate on Geneva School of Economics and Management at the University of Geneva

Bruno has been following blockchain technology and cryptocurrency evolutions since 2014.

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